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by Ines Drefs

The Executive Board is envisaged to be an expert group of up to eleven members – three independent experts, eight representatives of pan-European organisations – assisting the Commission in the first phase of the development of the EOSC until 2020. The group is supposed to meet up to eight times a year on Commission premises and adopt its opinions, recommendations or reports by consensus.

The Commission Decision specifies two major tasks of the Executive Board:

  • Providing advice and support on the strategy, implementation, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the implementation of the EOSC in the form of a strategic implementation plan, annual work plans, rules for participation and an action plan for scientific data interoperability to operationalise the FAIR principles.
  • Providing recommendations on the appropriate mechanisms and possible forms for the EOSC governance after 2020

The members of the Executive Board are selected through a public call for applications.

For further details about the set-up of the EOSC’s future Executive Board see the document below.

Author: Ines Drefs | ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics | International Advisor at the GO FAIR International Support & Coordination Office

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